Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They have found the missing link.... again???

So this Lemur is now the missing link? We know that this animal is dead, it has a tail and resembles a Lemur, so how is it the missing link? Because someone thinks it might be or because of a new movie coming out?


Anonymous said...

Missing link? I thought it wasn't missing. This find "finally confirms" Darwinian evolution" I thought it was a confirmed fact? How can this be the missing link when in fact they claim is it pre-transitional. I thought transitional fossils where what was considered the missing link? They still have not convinced me.

Andy said...

That is a good point, they had the missing link for the last 10 years and Darwinian Evolution was already "confirmed" What is the deal with this rhetoric, it is beyond laughable at this point.