Monday, June 2, 2008

Evangelism, the team in Utah

If you have ever wondered what the Evangelism team does each week here is a movie that was put together by the talented Kelly Miller.


Unknown said...

Great video. I admire your boldness to preach the gospel.

I wish I had that boldness. If my health was better, I'd want to be a part of your ministry. I miss the days when we had great annointed speakers coming to town. I was so in the word back then, of course I was a new born again creature.

Keep up your good ministry and boldness. Maybe someday our mormon friends will come to see the "Light".

Lyricsdad said...


You don't have to be bold to go out. You just have to have the Spirit of God with you. I for one am not all that bold but I am there with the team. Join us. God wants each of us to be about His business.

I guess something else made me wonder about your post. You said that you used to be in the Word when there were good speakers coming to town. God's Word is perfect even if nobody ever comes to town. Read His Word to you wherever and whenever you can be it with a good speaker or in a jail cell or a cave. If you have been born again, you need the Word more then you need food or air. It is life.

Anonymous said...

I am really encouraged by your work. I need to find a team around where I live and get involved. I need to learn the ropes sort-a-speak.