Saturday, April 12, 2008

Review of First Day at the Aletheia Bible Conference

The Aletheia (Truth) Bible Conference began last night. Personally I had very high expectations for this conference. Let me tell you they have all been exceeded. The line up of speakers includes the President of Dallas Theological Seminary, A phenemenol Old Testament Professor and Bill Eubanks who is bringing some original Greek Manuscripts of the Bible with him to put out on display.

The conference speakers are focusing on the life of David. So far we have covered part 1 and part 2 of David, his failures and his faith. Truly I am blown away by the in depth knowledge and coverage of a man who is described in the Bible as one after Gods own heart. Yet David had serious issues and how that pertains to our Christian walk is so very important. I will continue to post on this topic for a day or two as it will be fresh in my mind. I will also include a link where you can get the CD's for the conference.