Monday, April 14, 2008

Aletheia Truth

As I reflect on the last day of the conference one of the conversations I had with a friend of mine while I was there was the amazing differences between good teachers of the Word and those that are not so good. What I mean is that there are some really excellent teachers of God's Word they teach and proclaim truth from it, they exegete the text in the Bible and deliver Expository teaching that astounds you.

The teaching I get every week is phenomenal. I have always wondered what sets my Pastor apart to be able to help illuminate and reveal God's Word in such an amazing way. This weekend I found out the answer as several of the men who had an impact on him came and gave a Bible Conference in Utah. It was truly astounding, it was like drinking water from a Fire Hydrant!

So my friend and I have been trying to relay this information to others, and for some reason have not been able to convey adequately that there is such a huge difference in the teaching that is available. I think it is so vitally important that in the short while that we get to be here that we get the best teaching possible so we can apply and do the most to Glorify God with our lives. I pray that the Lord will help me communicate better about these things.


Thomas Rasmussen said...
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Andy said...

We are praying that this will be an annual event.