Monday, January 21, 2008

Christian Leaders and Pastors should endorse Huckabee

Frankly all Christians should get behind Huckabee. I heard a portion of a sermon he did on Way of the Master Radio last week. You should listen to it. This guy does not hold back, he answers all the questions even the tough ones and does not obscure the answers. I have a few friends who like Ron Paul, but I cannot see why anyone would do that. Romney is not who he says he is, the guy has flip flopped and just recently he said his morality lines up with the Mormon Church so this means he is Pro Choice. I hope that the Christian Community will wake up and see what an amazing blessing we have to have Huckabee as a potential President.

You should check this out from Wallbuilders


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I have supported Huckabee for a while. I voted for him in the Michigan primary. Unfortunately Romney won in MI. But I am praying that it will be in God's favor for him to receive the nomination.

Andy said...

Thank you lolyouth, I pray that more will endorse Huckabee in future days.

Thomas Rasmussen said...
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Andy said...

I think the Americans United are guilty of doing exactly what they preach against. They are being hypocritical because their agenda is obviously liberal. So they get to be a non profit pushing their liberal agenda against any non profit who pushes their agenda if it disagrees with them? What an intolerant organization.

By the way they need to understand what separation of Church and State is. It is keeping the State out of the Church, that is what the founding fathers meant. For some reason this organization and other Atheist or Anti-Christians like the AU have redefined the term. Much like revisionist history that many ascribe to it is a faulty starting point.

I think we ought to alert the IRS that they are promoting liberal agendas and therefore should lose their status.

Anonymous said...

It is funny that they accuse Wallbuilder of using stances that are "old". I remember recently the media in an uproar over some comments Huck made in the early 90s about those with AIDS. With the liberal media, only they are allowed to be biased and use information at their own will but forbid anyone that has an agenda opposite of them.

As far has Huck being the only one that is assigned a "yes" for all the issue... the truth hurts.