Thursday, January 17, 2008

Are Mormons Christian because they use the name Christ in their title?

I wanted to examine this claim a while back..... however rather than reinvent the wheel so to speak I found this very well done article and yep you guessed it Mormon Coffee.

Here is a snipet

Gordon B Hinckley said “It is ironic that many state that ‘Mormons are not Christian,’ when the name of the church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

Sharon does a great job of citing some examples as to why this does not work

• Mormon Coffee is neither Mormon nor a beverage.
• Mitt Romney is not, in reality, something to be worn on the hand.
• A Ford Taurus is not a constellation comprised of star clusters including the Hyades and the Pleiades.
• Long Island Iced Tea contains vodka, tequila, rum, gin and triple sec; but, in fact, it is not, nor does it contain, tea.
• Los Angeles, often called the City of Angels, has a population of approximately 4 million people; it is not truly populated by celestial beings.
• The World Church of Jesus is Satan, founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1993 by Thayalan Reddy, is not a Christian church despite the name of Jesus in its title.

So back to my last post then when Mormons claim to be Christian is it deceptive since even they know the difference? If they all follow the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and Hinckley said at one point:

The LDS Church News reported: "In bearing testimony of Jesus Christ, President Hinckley spoke of those outside the Church who say Latter-day Saints 'do not believe in the traditional Christ. No, I don't. The traditional Christ of whom they speak is not the Christ of whom I speak. For the Christ of whom I speak has been revealed in this the Dispensation of the Fulness [sic] of Times'" (June 20, 1998, ).

Does that not then contradict his prior statement about Jesus in the name of the Church and validate the claim that it is in fact A DIFFERENT JESUS. Based on the facts there must be a resounding YES.


Whew4 said...

While just having the name of Jesus in your church's name does not make one a christian, nor does it alone make a Church a christian church. But if your doctrines and practices are centered around Jesus, it seems almost necessary that one should have the name of Jesus in their Churches name.
And as to Pres. Hinkley's comment concerning Jesus, what he said is true. We do not claim to worship the Jesus the Orthodox Christians claim to worship, but we do worship the Jesus of the Bible, which is nothing like the Jesus the orthodox Christians worship. And that is the difference, my friend...Hugh

Andy said...


Thanks for your post. The Jesus of the Bible is different that the Jesus of the Mormon religion. You know this because you cannot be a Mormon with just the Bible you need the BOM, Doctrine and Covenents and POGP. So he couldn't be the same Jesus. The Jesus of Mormonism has changed him. His attributes from the Bible show him as the great "I AM" God in the Flesh Col 2:9 an uncreated being who is the Alpha and the Omega who created all things Genesis 1 , John 1. He is actually the God spoken about in the OT, see John 10:30,33. How can this Jesus of the Bible be the same as Mormonism? The Jesus of the Bible NEVER mentions having to come to other people groups, because the Gospel is first for the Jews then for the Gentiles Romans 1:16. He allowed himself to be worshipped, forgave sin on the cross, creates and saves.

I am sorry Whew4 but you need to be honest Mormons do not worship the Jesus of the Bible which by the way is the same Jesus that Orthodox Christians have worshipped for 1900 + years, so Hinckley's statement is very telling, Mormons have a different Jesus.

Alex said...

There is in fact one Jesus Christ, the one and only son of God. The One who atoned for all of the sins of mankind. This is the same Jesus who is written about in the New Testament. In the NT we are given an example of how He lived his life, in the service of others. Anyone who strives to follow His example as best as they can is a "Christian". No matter what church they belong to, no matter who they vote for and no matter what they happen to call themselves.

The question whether or not Mormons are Christians is best answered in the day to day example displayed by one who claims to follow its precepts. Christ himself gave us the way to judge when He said, "Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matt. 7:16).

I see the Mormon church as a church that feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, serves those in need and distress, uplifts the weak and teaches love, kindness, forgiveness and humility. Any religion that does these things are "Christian" in every sense of the word, for these are the things that Christ did.

One look at their Humanitarian Services site,7133,1325-1,00.html
and one can see their fruits.


Andy said...


Thank you for your post, however I am concerned that you have not read the post you are responding to. You defined how people become Christian by your standard and unfortunately that does not work. You are also not clearly using the Bible scripture about fruit appropriately. Many people will do good and moral things and they are still not Christian. So does that mean that every Muslim who feeds the poor is Christian? Absolutely not. In fact Judas feed the poor for three years before he betrayed Jesus. Those are outward signs of a "work" however they do not show clear fruit of repentance which is what the Bible is advocating.

Alex Mormons have an idolatrous view of Jesus, a wrong view of people and a heretical view of salvation. According to the Bible which spoke of many being deceived by false Christs Matt 24. The Mormons fit into this category and as Paul says in Corinthians are Anathema!

A Christian is defined in the Bible. Please read this post.

L. Curtis said...


as an ex-mormon, I can tell you without reservation that you are deceived in believing that there is only one Jesus. While there is only one true Jesus the Christ, even He said that many false ones would come into the world.

I thank Gordon Hinckley that before he died and met the true One, he was at least honest in one aspect and that was to make it clear that Christians and mormons believe in a different Jesus.

The question is which one can save.

If it is the jesus of mormonism, then all is well. I will go to a lesser kingdom and be happy as pie.

If it is the Jesus of the Bible, then mormons will spend eternity in a lake of fire for following their idolotrous misrepresentation of the truth and the only One who could offer them hope.

I do not embrace any who name the Name of Christ just because they say it. Many will wonder why Jesus says to depart and it will be because HE did not know them.

The fruit of the mormon church is great, humanistically speaking. But this is not what counts. What matters is a relationship with Jesus first. Without this, all the nice things done on earth are merely filthy rags that will burn up.