Monday, October 1, 2007

Survivor: China - Temple Show Clip


First I am not an advocate of anything on TV as most all of it blasphemes the name of our Lord or promotes sin in horrible ways. I say all this to then let you know that My wife and I do watch Survivor and Man vs. Wild. For whatever reason the "survivor" theme is interesting and we can relate to it. There is on occasion a Christian on the show, much I found to the dismay of the Atheist (I read this on friendlyatheist blog). Atheism would like their religion represented as well, and I believe it has been.

This year they have a lady named Leslie on the show who is a Christian. More than once she has mentioned our Precious Savior and Lord's name in reverence. She did not bow down to the idols that they asked her to bow to, citing the second commandment. Her opposition to the Chinese welcoming committee and even Jeff Probst reminded me of those who protested the Hindu prayer in the Senate a few months ago.

She is continually talking about her faith for example later on the second episode she is grieved to be without her Bible. I would agree that 39 days without a Bible would be really rough.

The bottom line is many of theses clips like this have been repeated over and over for commercials and the like.

To God be the Glory!