Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paul Washer: Gospel Reductionism and Evangelical Hoops

Evangelical Hoops..... nothing to do with basketball, please listen to this 2:20 second snippet from Paul Washer.

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anythingbutlukewarm said...

It's incredible how Paul Washer can say in two minutes what most Christians would purposefully avoid saying altogether. The fleshly desire to say what people want to hear over the Gospel truth has become an infectious disease within Christianity, spawning false conversions ironically with a distorted sense of enthusiasm. I am so thankful that Paul Washer takes his day of accountability before God with such seriousness that he preaches the succinct hard truth without hesitation or apology.

Anonymous said...

Interesting extension of the PW argument to the Church as a whole:

Pastor Paul Washer
is American Christianity really Christian?

Aaron S said...

When Jesus said it in John 3, "You must be born again", it was crazy-talk to Nicodemus. Maybe we should be like Jesus and talk big. Man must be recreated, born again, washed anew, or he is still at Ephesians 2:1-2.

ATTee said...

John 3 has a Question by Nicodemus: HOW...

And the answer is AS MOSES RAISED THE SERPENT... How it happened? How people were healed from the deadly poison of the vipers? Did people repented? (Paul Washer) NO! Did they prayed a beliebers prayer? (Modern evangelists) ALSO NO. They JUST LOOKERD ON THE SERPENT. And this is a parable.

So how will somebody BE BORN AGAIN?
By repenting? A BIG NO. By praying the new believers prayer? ANOTHER BIG NO.


That's so simple. It is ACCOMPLISHED. Do you believe it or not? THIS IS your decision.

The work of GOD = Salvation (eternal assurance) + Sanctification (good works).

The work of GOD + your work = DENIAL OF JESUS!!! (See Galatians 2: Christ + Law = nothing.)

To GOD be ALL the Glory. How?
The way is Jesus, NOT YOU.
The growth is the Fathers, NOT YOURS.
The fruit is the Spirit's, NOT YOURS.

Keep yourself in the GRACE of God and the KNOWLEDGE of our Lord Jesus Christ. (The Last verse of the first apostle Peter in the Bible)