Monday, October 15, 2007

The Church

I just got back from speaking at an Evangelism Conference. It was a great time of fellowship and teaching. I found a few things very interesting from the conference. Myself and the other speakers really had a common theme with our talks concerning the Evangelists that were at the conference, on how important it was to be submitted to a Biblical Local Church. It is crucial for authority and accountability. My family and I are extremely blessed to have an amazing Church with a Pastor who is not only a great teacher but he truly has a Shepard's heart and attitude. In addition he has great Orthodoxy but also great Orthopraxy. I get concerned when I see other Evangelists becoming Schismatics and falling away from the Local Church. The body in which we belong is family in every since of the word. God has been dealing with me on my place in the Body of Christ and I am glad that He is growing me in this area.