Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It works because it is true

This morning I heard a pastor on the radio, he was talking about how so many Christians water down the Gospel or not preach the Gospel at all in favor of methods that really detract from the Gospel. In addition he went on to define what the Gospel is. And stood it up against those that would make it other than the redemptive work of Christ on the Cross. Then this pastor said something that I really took to. He said the Gospel works because it is TRUE! So many people even Christians change the Gospel to something else because they think if a method works then it is true. That is backwards thinking, in fact many Evangelism methods and books have been written because of one or two instances where this "method" that might not be Biblical, worked on a particular person. It is then said that this is the way to Evangelize. NO the Gospel works because it is true and if it works 10 times, 0 times or 100 times it is still true and God will use it to bring the increase. So pray for the laborers of the Harvest this day.