Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blasphemy is a real problem

In our day and age, blasphemy is a severe issue it is everywhere and people accept it as a normal common part of communication. I must say that every time anyone uses the Lord's name in vain in even the slightest way I wince. Yet I have gone to movies and sat through them after hearing the Lord's name be used and even "God" being used in a non reverent manner. We as Christians continue to allow this in all forms of our life and rarely does anyone speak up about it. Now in all fairness because of blasphemy I have got up out of movies including the kids movie "Happy Feet" which not only had blasphemy directly, but the inferences against God and Christianity were also horrible. I was also questioned by a "fellow Christian brother" about this decision and his liberal theology was reveled in his remarks about the way the movie portrayed a "type" of Christianity. Check out what Ray has done regarding this issue and consider the next time you go see a movie and our Lord's name is used as a four letter filth word, what will you do. If you want to stay through the movie consider getting up and preaching the Gospel at the end:).

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