Friday, May 25, 2007

New Bibles the ATY version and the Erasable

How to make the Bible say anything you want

We have been looking into some new Bibles for people who do not want to see the "hard" verses in the Bible

My wife came up with the Erasable Bible this Bible is fantastic if you find something you don't like you can just erase it.

Another new translation the Bible According to You. The ATY version will be customized to the things you feel are important. God's Love, Nice things done for people and maybe even a few "nice" miracles. That will be the ATY version.

And finally my New Testament Professor Dr. Robertson gave the following list if you cannot afford one of these Bibles. The list is on how to make the Bible say anything you want.

-Begin with your own agenda and then find a concordance to prove that your right
-Pay no attention to context
-Ignore the parts you do not like
-When talking to people who do not know Greek say "in the Greek alot.." You may follow this with any statement that you please
I would like to add to his list
-Find people who agree with your watered down version of the Bible and apply their logic no matter how faulty it may be. For example Jesus didn't really mean "lukewarm" in Revelation 3:16 he was not talking about the Church he was talking about a river..... so don't worry if you are lukewarm
-Say things like that only applied in the New Testament times when hard sayings come up
-Make sure you relate how you "feel" when you read a certain passage

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L. Curtis said...

While this post was certainly tongue in cheek, the sad fact is that many do exactly this with the Bible..

What many people call Christianity anymore is nothing more then a religious salad bar. Take what you want and leave the rest. Fill your plate or just have a light snack.

The fact is that there are many "hard" things in the Bible. I for one wished hell and wrath were not part of the equation but they are and I have deep sorrow for those who play games with God and expect Him to fit into their box. I do not look forward to the day they find out they were wrong.

This week has shown me even more what happens when we attach to one side of God's Person and forget the rest.

I am just grateful for those today and down through the history of the Church that have not shunned to declare the WHOLE counsel of God.