Thursday, April 19, 2007

Methods and Persecution

In my prayer and getting ready time this morning, I have been getting mentally and spiritually prepared for the big battle that we are about to face this weekend. God has blessed our little ministry with a booth at a very secular and dark event this weekend. I do not take it lightly that we will have the opportunity to speak for a few minutes to THOUSANDS of non-believers. There may be great persecution in this and as I reflect on my Pastor's thoughts on this I am reminded of this continual relative thinking that is pervading into the hearts and minds of many. Why is this important? There will be a day in this country and we are already seeing it, where it will not be ok to be a Christian, we might not be able to have Churches and the Bible will be banned. This is the legislation that the Homosexuals, Atheists, and even other religions are aiming for.
How many will stand at that time? Will those "Christians" who like to be linked with false truths be able to be cross culturally relational whatever at that time? No I doubt it and based upon one of their recent actions they are liable to throw any Christian under the bus that they do not agree with the way "they" do things. It would appear "they" would turn you over to the authorities in the name of "justice".
As we go into battle this weekend, I want hearts and bodies next to me that are solely committed to the Lord. We have that in our team and church. People who are willing to put a brother before themselves. Not someone who is so interested in perpetuating their methodology that they would let the dark side know about an attempt to bring the Gospel to them. Again it is sad, but I will rejoice when God separates the wheat from the tares, and when persecution comes I long to see those that will be standing ready linked arm in arm. Evil is prevalent and this world embraces it, they will not even say that what happened at Virgina Tech was evil, it was just "relative". We need to start calling a spade a spade and quit embracing all the methodologies that under strain or persecution would have no merit.

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L. Curtis said...

Amen Brother.

This Sunday is going to be interesting to say the least. Some aspects of the possibilities are intimidating and even a little scary but to not see that the hand of the Lord is in this and to not walk through this door He opened is out of the question. There are so many perishing and being lost forever while the Church plays the p.c. game, fearing ruffling a few feathers. I am so glad this is not the example that we see the early believers leaving for us within the pages of the Bible and throughout secular and religious documents.

He leads, we follow. If God is for us, who can be (and who cares who is) against us.