Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fishing at Earth Jam

We had a booth at Earth Jam and it was truly one of the darkest places we have been to. We had a booth right next to Planned Parenthood and got the opportunity to witness to some of them. Our booth was constantly filled with people around it and talking to us. Alan, Jared and Tony all took their turns open air preaching. One of the messages at Earth Jam was tolerance, yet they had little if any tolerance for us. It seems that tolerance is only good if you are aligned with their position. We got the opportunity to have 3 minutes on stage and I gave a quick Gospel presentation. The people we reached on this day would not set foot in a Church no matter how the Church was presented to them. This group needed folks to come to them. Some other funny moments.

-Planned Parenthood complained and wanted us to move and I told the organizers that we were about “peace in the womb” and she was like ya man “peace in the womb!” so we got to stay

-The Psychic’s booth got hit by a gust of wind and flew up in the air and then rolled in the grass, I asked her “what you didn’t see that coming?” She did not think it was funny J

-A guy came by and asked us if we eat meat, I replied yes and he screamed at me “eating meat kills 2 kids every second” I said no I eat chicken and cow. Again he didn’t find it funny J

-Alan was preaching and they asked him to stop, they said his message was to “hard” I guess tolerance is only for soft messages

-Sherry and Michelle witnessed to some guy in a green cape who even I was fearful of; I think he might have been a Druid of some sort

-Julie witnessed to a guy who said “this is tough stuff because this is the first time something like this has been presented to me.”

-Some guy came by who wanted us to pass out his literature, he told us if we don’t then (hippie accent here) then in 7 days we would not be able to buy any fruit juice, this has us concerned we should all stock up on fruit juice? J

-Everyone had the same argument, in fact they all must be going to a school where they are told that the Bible is not translated correctly (hmmm who else says that), Mother Earth is king, Peace and Safety for all (except the unborn), etc.

-Every problem was about George Bush, Global Warming, Meat Eaters, and Wars

-Someone pointed out that they still do not have any new music to listen to, that they played the same stuff that has been around for 40 years

Ultimately our hearts should break for these people who have embraced such an idolatrous and pagan lifestyle. The only way we will ever be “relevant” is by preaching Christ and Him Crucified.


Ken Silva said...

Greetings from the East Coast. Thank you for the links to my sites AM and CRN. I once planted a mission church in Rock Springs, WY and had the chance to witness to many Mormons.

The Lord be praised and may He continue to bless your labor for Him.

Andy said...

Thanks for stopping by Ken, keep up the good fight brother!