Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jesus Christ Joesph Smith DVD Outreach

What an amazing time it was to go out on Sunday and blast an entire city with the Gospel. Our Church participated in this outreach event to distribute the DVD to as many Mormons as possible. It is a well done DVD that explains the differences between the lives of Jesus and Joseph Smith. Since the Mormon belief system relies almost completely on Joesph Smith and his first vision then it is important to look at him as a prophet and an individual to see if what he claims is true. There is a great review of the DVD here. The DVD distribution was a success because all the people who participated were being obedient. We did not look to worldly "results" for our reason. I say that and yet the feedback has been tremendous. There are the typical Mad Mormons. Then there are the relational Christians who don’t believe in telling Mormons that they are wrong. However those same Christians have no problem telling other Christians the way they do it is wrong….ironic why cant they be relational with us? Then there is a third category, several Mormons who are on the edge where this DVD has impacted them to the point of consideration. One lady in particular whose husband is Christian and she is a Mormon wrote about finding help to leave Mormonism. Could you imagine that God actually used this outreach as an answer to what likely was that man’s prayer? Please pray for all those Mormons who have been deceived for over 175 years. I thank God we are part of a Church who cares enough about their eternal fate, and enough about the Glory of God to tell them the TRUTH. Dr. Epps said it best on Sunday, “One of the reasons the Bible was written to help correct wrong theology.” Why would we stop correcting them now?