Saturday, July 31, 2010

What does Glenn Beck Believe?

I am interested in peoples comments about what Glenn believes?


Leonard said...

Wow! Sounds like Glenn has been saved. He has better theology then many I meet in church. Praise God He can reach anyone anywhere. Many mormons could be touched by this.

Brian and Jocelyn said...

First I'm a huge Glen Beck fan... as a Christian, my faith is often strengthened when listening to him... I would even say that a person could get saved by listing to Glen's presentation of the Gospel, However, I'm afraid people may hear Good Christian Doctrine, as in the video, and then later become involved with the LDS church and be taught an inauthentic replacement gospel. It sounds like Glen may be drawing from his Catholic background at times as well... I've never heard another mormon talk like he talked in that video. In the end, the essense of Salvation is Knowing God... and I hope Glen does know Him, but If Glen uses Christian sounding language, but then actually believes in the mormon teachings that God the father had a beginning and was once a man, That God the Father has populated the world through literal sex with his millions of wives, that Jesus and Lucifer and all of us are among those offspring, and that through obedience to mormon teachings... (this must include temple works despite what glen said about grace alone) Glen himself can one day be a being of the same substance as God the father.... and many more non-biblical teachings... Then I'm afraid Glen does not know the one true God, the only God capable of saving a man's soul. The Jesus of mormonism is not a suitable attonment for sin... that's the issue.

Dan said...

Glenn Beck is better termed "Train Wreck". He does not believe what he is saying in this video. As those of us who are reformed can attest, many love to talk about the sovereignty of God but baulk at the application to them and their choices.
We should never take counsel from a cult member.
I am very concerned about the state of the nation and have a huge worldview shift with regards to my country.
Mr. Wreck is a statist and a patsy for the establishment. He should not be drawn from in the area of politics either. Try Alex Jones, Will Grigg, Alan Russso fro truth.
a wretch in His Grace,

Neil said...

Glenn Beck is a VERY CONFUSED Mormon. He ascribes to a very general Christianity that talks about Jesus, but will believe what they want in the face of Biblical truth. Mormonism itself teaches that we are "saved by grace AFTER ALL THAT WE CAN DO" (Faith + Works

mo no mo said...

i hope so the morman church dont like him.i hope he gets his head on straight,,i just have a hard time listing to his b s anymore