Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Questions for the Viewers of the TV program

These are the questions for the free book first correct post wins

Andy made a mistake on for the show on the name of the founder of Christian Science.... what was the incorrect name he used and what is the actual name?

What was the condition of Andy's facial hair on the show about Christian Science?

What are the commonalities between Christian Science, Mormonism and the religion of Islam?

What is the common theme and idea for all the religions Andy has covered to get into heaven?

What did Andy say about the 7th Day Adventist? Are they Christian?

What verse did Andy quote the most during this series?

Thank you all for watching


Jeff L said...

Eddy Baker / Mary Baker Eddy

Soul patch

Works based salvation.

Salvation is not by Grace alone but either a combination of Grace and Works or strictly works.

The core teachings of the SDA Church are Biblically sound. (ie. the SDA church believes that Jesus is one of the three persons, called the Trinity, who make up our one God)So, yes, SDA are Christian. (unless, this is a trick question... because no one but God himself knows is an individual is truly a Christian)

Ephesians 2:8-9

Andy said...

Jeff you got it man I will get your book to you!

jacinthnader said...

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