Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prayers Needed

I have been reminded of how incredible the power of God is and how absolutely nothing is impossible for our Lord by following the story of Kayleigh Anne Freeman. Kayleigh is an amazing baby, now nearing 7 months old, who was born weighing 1 lb, 1oz. The Lord gave her to the most incredible parents, whose faith and trust in the sovereignty of God has inspired me as both a follower of Christ and as a parent. Kayleigh has been a witness to many people (doctors, nurses, unbelievers) of God's glory and power over everything in this world. Seeing the pictures of Kayleigh when she was first born, weighing less than one pound- shows unequivocably how perfect and delicate and incredible human life is. The true magnificence of God can be easily seen in the miracle of a baby. Please pray for Kayleigh and encourage the Freeman family, as God is glorified.