Sunday, January 18, 2009

It is "unamerican to express your opinion" according to Tom Hanks

Interesting how money and politics seem to go hand in hand. As the Executive Producer of the HBO hit series "Big Love", Tom Hanks is making big bucks from his popular show which examines the drama of modern day polygamy. Big Love exposes the black sheep of the Mormon Church, the FLDS - and its commitment to preserving what it believes is true Joseph Smith doctrine or what they refer to as "The Principle". I have personally seen the show "Big Love" and think it shows a pretty intense portrayal of this lifestyle and if you live in Utah, there are a lot of things that you will find familiar to the culture in which we live.

However, while Tom Hanks adds to his personal wealth by exploiting this aspect of Mormon theological controversy, he nonetheless takes a pot shot at the LDS Church, essentially biting the hand that has fed him well season after season. Now I do not personally agree with Mormon theology, polygamy or homosexual marriage, but as Bill McKeever says in the interview "they (Mormons) have a right to express their opinion." Just as Tom Hanks has a right to his opinion on this issue, but to throw out the term "un-American" to anyone who supports Proposition 8, is as repulsing as the use of a racial slur or any other cheap shot to try to add value or throw weight behind a worthless and tasteless statement. Mr. Hanks, the very essence of America is the ability and right to have gracious disagreements and respect that we all have the right to our opinions, without being tagged as unpatriotic.

Hanks desribes anyone who disagrees with his ideology that Proposition 8 should not have been passed, as being "un-American". This term merely shows the irony of the mandate he puts out that his opinion is superior to anyone elses. To throw the term un-American at anyone who doesn't share his opinion is hipocritical from its core. Obviously, Mr. Hanks needs to spend more time studying our Constitution and the history of our great nation. The American way is putting something to a vote and having the people vote on it. The people of California voted- and they voted to preserve traditional marriage between one man and one woman

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