Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Liberal vs. Conservative with McCain and Obama

So many people thought that Todd Friel was wacky with his portrayal of the candidates I would love your feedback after you watch these videos.

Nice concise answer, truth is recognized it is apparent there is no political jockeying.

I am not even what sure he said, he dodged the issue, jumped over the question and tried to sound "Christian". Yes there is a moral and ethical element to the issue because it is "wrong". There is NO COMMON GROUND if it is morally wrong! He says he is in favor of stopping "late term abortions" yet he supports FOCA (see few posts below) which will allow abortions into the 9th month!

This is the reason I think as Christians we have to vote for a guy who will help the "least of these". Even in spite of everything else. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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Lyricsdad said...

Good for Mccain. Nice, sound, to the point answer.

And then you have that obama guy. But then again, what should we expect? Can't expect integrity and honesty from a man who openly supports the murder of babies. He is definately not a Christian. He has fooled himself. You cannot be a Christian and support the slaughter of the innocent creation of God.

Too bad though that they did not get to be interviewed by a good Pastor.