Thursday, August 7, 2008

I wont be watching the Olympics

China is notorious for their persecution of Christians, they have jailed, raped, tortured, enslaved and killed Christian Pastors and other Christians because of their faith. As is stated in the Chinese Manifesto Communism and Religion (Christianity) are not compatible. (Which by the way you should think about before you vote for Hussein Obama, he has some Marxist ideals that can lead this country into a lighter version of Communism.) Back to China, people are being killed for their faith and yet we as all people who respect Religous freedom will sit and watch so that the Chinese Government can make Trillions of dollars to continue to persecute those who claim Christ? Even if you are not a believer do you really want China to have extra money and a false notoriety so they can build more nukes? Honestly I do not know what we are thinking sometimes, I know my small voice may not be heard, but my family and I will not be watching, endorsing, or condoning the Olympics in any way shape or form. Even more persecution of Christians has resulted because of the Olympics. The Chinese government is trying to clean up so that it will not get bad press. If you want more information please go to one of the following sites:


Sarah said...

I appreciate your thoughts on the Olympics being held in China. Have you read Randy Alcorn's take on the subject? You might find it interesting:

anythingbutlukewarm said...

Thanks Sarah for the link~

I actually just got Alcorn's book Safely Home to read. I think the issue he brings up is true that the Olympics never should have been even considered in a country that has trampled horrendously on so many human and religious rights. China is using this venue to pull the wool over the world's eyes. I disagree wholeheartedly that watching the games doesn't really matter or make a difference. Alcorn doesn't ask the question, "If all the Christians boycotted the games (including the athletes) would that glorify God?" or even, "Are you watching because it comes down to you personally valuing sports more than other Believer's ability to openly serve our Lord?" My conscience is clearly telling me not to watch or support this event. Whether or not the Olympics help the Chinese economy doesn't matter to me. I am standing by my decision to boycott watching the games and instead use that time praying for the thousands of Christians being imprisoned, silenced and persecuted for Jesus Christ. I would rather spend the time reading from God's Word, preparing for the time when I will be forced to rely on His word impressed upon my mind and my heart. According to Voice of the Martyrs, Christians have been persecuted more in China recently BECAUSE of the Olympics - China doesn't want to expose anything but a united image of control. If you read the "rules" for attending the Olympics, they will not tolerate any evangelism or protesting of any kind. If someone is going to risk their life, freedom and safety by secretly leave Bibles laying around, as Alcorn suggests- I doubt they would support watching games which come at the cost of other Believers. I know there are many Christians that disagree or disregard this and are choosing to view the Olympics as simply a sporting event, but where I am at in my faith I can't just put the blinders on.