Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why is theology so important?

Anyone can believe that God spoke to them or that they got a feeling about something.

Just look at this incredibly off base demonstration.............we have to match up God's Word with what people experience, if there is no match are they then still Christians?

The Bible does not talk about physical acts of violence being necessary for healing. So what I would like to ask Todd Bentley is

WHAT VERSE IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????


L. Curtis said...


This guy should be either in an asylum or prison, and possibly both.

The problem is that everyone is seeking some experience and they don't read their Bibles.

This tripe is reprehensible. How DARE he represent the God of the Bible in this manner.

Woe to him...and all the fools who follow.

M. R. Burgos said...

Put him out to Satan, so that he may turn from his ways and repent. Bentley=Heretic

Andy said...

Amen Guys!

Unknown said...

This guy is perfect for churchetainment. He is to the churchetainment industry what "mixed martial arts / ultimate fighting" is to the sports industry.

He's a fool and buffoon, and many people want that over God's Word.

I can't believe the kind of blasphemy that people get away with "preaching" these days. What next, "Christian Gangs"??? Christian Drugs? Christian Drive-by shootings??? "The Lord told me go shoot that homie that tried to step to your turf, shoot'im with your AK" so I shot him!!! Praise God!!" Unbelievable.