Friday, February 29, 2008


Anythingbutlukewarm here - posting on Andy's blog about a powerful JOHN PIPER video. There is nothing more sickening than seeing the truth of the Gospel distorted and used to decieve people in desperate need of a Savior. John Piper's hauntingly emotional voice sends a pointed message to the wolves that the harm they are doing by distorting who God is and the sufficiency of Him is far more damaging than any circumstance this life brings (hunger, death, disease, etc.) As Christians, we are pitifully complacent to not correcting these false teachings and speaking out to call a heretic a heretic.

It's much easier to say what people want to hear and avoid any controversy or discussion about TRUTH. It's the cowardly, greedy, keep the truth to myself mindset that many in Utah subscribe to, under the guise of "unity" and "friendship". What about when the day comes when you reach destination eternity? I sadly wonder what those perishing will experience when they realize how un-united they really were from the truth about Christ. I remember the moment I got saved thinking, "How could I have been decieved for so long by so many people? What I had been believing was all wrong! Which was worse- the self-serving false religious leaders I followed or the lazy so-called Christians that never called me on it? And why did I not look objectively and earnestly for truth when I knew in my gut that what I had been fed as "truth" had a lot of holes in it. Justification upon justification and excuse upon excuse just layered my former religion taller and taller with nothing more than man-made ideas and concepts found nowhere in the Bible. There were just remnants of a similar terminology, with meanings that were distorted and misapplied.

I shudder to think of what becomes of the false teachers, prophets and those who claim the name of "Christian" who take part of the false Gospel scam. God knows it ALL and if you have any bit of an inkling you are following LIES then you are accountable to finding out TRUTH. Look to the Bible, not "Bible sequel books". As someone who has been there - keep searching for brutally honest answers. YOUR ETERNITY, like mine- DEPENDS ON IT.


Andy said...

All I can say is AMEN!

Andy said...

If you come to Jesus you will get a BMW is the same prosperity Gospel as saying come to Jesus and you will become a god!

L. Curtis said...

WOW! Way to nail it there Mr. Piper. How many people are looking to this genie they have named Jesus and hoping for eternal life from him? Give me a load of money now and life then. HERESY! People are going to hell under such things and it was great to see this man break it down.