Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bullwhip Guy

There are churches all over that play Rob Bell's Nooma videos. I make no bones about it, Rob Bell ascribes to Universalism, Humanism and denies fundamental Christian teachings like the virgin birth, salvation by Grace through faith alone, etc.

Someone produced a very insightful and frankly staggering video to respond to Rob Bell's false understanding of who Jesus and then of course send or post your comments.


Thomas Rasmussen said...
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Andy said...


Our preferences do not matter it is whether or not they line up to scripture. If Rob Bell wants to be a Christian then among other things he needs to put scripture above his own interpretation and preferences. There is objective truth out there and that is why we have the Word of God. Bullwhip guy lines up with Scripture and what Rob Bell did is put out his disdain for something he is uncomfortable with. He does not back it with truth or empirical evidence. That is why all these false teachers are soooo scary.

Thomas Rasmussen said...
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Andy said...


I mean the 66 books of the Bible the Canonized version. I have read much of the different variants of Hermeneutics including the textual criticism method. I have read and researched the arguments. In all reality their is nothing that is affects theologically definitively. Their might have been some copiest errors but they are minor and do not effect the Gospel in any way.

I am fine with the KJV and I also use the ESV which derives its text from both the textus receptus and the Greek Majority (RSV). You are asking a question here so that you can take your presupposition and try and defend the god you have created in your mind. Go read an ESV and compare it to the Greek in the NT. I do not think a OT debate is hardly worthwhile because of all the text we have. And I have already dealt with both canonization and the councils pre 1500's.

I think their are many in many denominations that are saved which includes Lutheran, Anglican, and Methodist. I also believe their are many false converts in every church as Jesus preached about this much.

All Christians regardless of denomination agree on the essentials.

Salvation through Christ by Grace alone
The Deity of Christ
In errancy of God's Word
The Trinity

All the churches you mentioned at some have those things in common at their core and we do not debate those issues. Not until very recently have some churches in all denominations decided to apostate themselves from the Body of Believers. Christ called His Church the "Bride" and He does not tolerate those who seek to undermine the work of the Cross regardless of your affiliation.

So my view of truth is inseparable from God and His Word because He created it that way.

So what is your favorite proof for Evolution? After reading your blog I see that you have a passion for being an Evolutionist. Please explain which points of the THEORY you think are the most observable today?

Thomas Rasmussen said...
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