Monday, November 5, 2007

Bill Hybels says Seeker Method not working

I find it interesting that the Pragmatic movement that is commonly called the Seeker Sensitive Church's leader Bill Hybel is now denouncing his methods. This is truly an amazing statement coming from a guy who spent and has made millions in selling "Seeker Growth Model" Church planting and growing. In fact there are literally thousands of churches who are using his "methodology" which is not Biblical. What is even more interesting is that this is not a highly published message that I am linking to. So do all these seeker churches know that their founding father is stepping back from what they are still doing?

Listen to what Bill says here.

Bill Hybels:of Willow Creek Church said, "Some of the stuff we have put millions of dollars in ..hasn't helped people that much...other stuff our people are crying out for. For "preChristians"..we were rated very high. Even the new Christians, it was fairly good. Then we get to growing Christians, and the scores start going down, then we get to fully devoted followers to Christ and the scores got scare-ily low.. that really bothers me..I was like, "We're not helping them that much."
Bill said, "Why don't we do some focus groups. The survey group said, "Bill, we did that. They said, We're not being fed. They want more MEAT from the Word of God, more serious minded Scripture. " We should have gotten people to become self-feeders, read their Bibles between time....they are expecting the church to feed them when the more mature a Christian becomes they should become a self-feeder.

Here is the report from Way of the Master Radio go to Nov 1 Hour 1