Monday, October 22, 2007

Part 2 of Bible verses used incorrectly


Admin said...

Hi, Andy. Great points. I just wanted to toss in my favorite: Matthew 18:19. Many people like to use this verse almost in an obligatory fashion, as if God must produce whatever they ask simply because two or three people are gathered. But if you look at the verse in context, you will see that the verse is embedded into a chapter that talks entirely about repentance. The correct interpretation of this verse is that God will restore a repenting sinner if two or three are in agreement that the sinner should be restored after two or more have approached him in step two of biblical discipline (see vs. 15-17).

Just my .02
Jen G

Andy said...

Hey Jen thanks for stopping by good point on Matthew.

God Bless You guys down there!

Unknown said...

Let's define Israelites, and the 10-lost tribes are also "The Israelites"... so this prophetic plans could also be applied to any of them whereever they are and however their appearance may look like today (after the mixed marriages and increase in number there)... be they in Asia, Europe, Africa etc. etc.

G-d bless.