Monday, September 10, 2007

Pyromaniacs: Banner graphics for our friends

Love this! From Pyromaniacs!

Banner graphics for our friends

by Phil Johnson

o you've seen sidebar badges like these:

"Friend of Emergent"

"Friend of Discernment"

"Friend of Detergent"

Friend of Missional"

. . . and whatnot.

None of those really quite summed up the perspective our blog represents (and we suspect that's true for some of our readers as well), so Frank created a banner ad for the rest of us. After tweaking it ever-so-slightly, we're turning it loose on the blogosphere and inviting our readers and fellow friends-of-sinners to add it to their sidebars:

©2007 by Frank Turk and the PyroManiacs

The image in the center is a scene from Pilgrim's Progress. Evangelist is pointing the way for Pilgrim, who still has his heavy burden lashed to his back and is carrying a document upon which is written "The Wrath to Come." The image is adapted from a famous series of stained-glass windows in the Bunyan Meeting Free Church in Bedford, England, where Bunyan himself preached.

Feel free to download and use your choice of those images in the sidebar of your blog. (If you prefer, you can simply use the URLs where those images currently reside, and thus take advantage of our bandwidth.) We only ask that you not modify the images without first asking permission, and that you not put them on Websites with blatantly unwholesome material or use it as a link to anything you know we might find offensive. We're not going to try to police how it's used, but if we do find someone linking it to something we think is blatantly unwholesome, we reserve the right to withdraw permission for it to be used for that purpose. If you want to make it into a link back to this blog, we would be honored by that.

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