Monday, September 24, 2007

Different Gospels and argument in the Emergent Movements

Are there different Gospels? Is there a right and a wrong or is the relativism that has completely taken over our culture also taken over the Church? Where do we draw the line? I asked myself these questions over the last few days. I came across an incredible article by the one and only Phil Johnson over at Pyromanics. You should check it out. We posted a link on the MacArthur vs. Pagitt debate and that has really continued with Pagitt having a discussion that was recorded after the CNN. Ok all this in consideration is there really multiple Gospels? I believe many folks would have you believe that there is. There is not, there is only one Gospel and Bell, Pagitt, Maclaren are definitely not preaching the Biblical Gospel of Christ. So where then do they get their information? I believe the Yoga CNN video is tells us, from pragmatic and emotional viewpoints. Does it not surprise you that feelings and pragmatism drive these ministries. I pray that they get on the Biblical Program and start preaching the Gospel of Christ and Him Crucified.
However their is this third much more abstract group the "missional relational" folks. They oppose much of apologists and they usually "stand with" Bell and the Emergent's. What Gospel do they preach. Well I have yet to hear the Gospel they preach if there is any, so we usually do not hear the Gospel from them as they try be relational, contextual, missional and some other big $3 words. I have labeled these folks "deceptive-relational." They deceive people into being "friends" with the purpose of relationship.
There is much more to expand on here but the bottom line is there is one Gospel, I would say there are many ways to approach someone, to share with someone, and even timing would vary. The Gospel will not vary, it is the same Gospel that has always been and will always be relevant to a perishing world.