Friday, July 13, 2007

Senate Hindu Prayer shouted down

This is incredible that this was barely seen on the News. It is true that the media has an agenda. Three got arrested.


Jason Epps said...

No way! When was, this, Andy?


Andy said...

July 12th yesterday :)

The people who opposed it were Christian protesters.

Andy said...

Pretty soon rather than say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, we can sing Canada's or Iraq's National Anthem? It is politically incorrect for us to say our pledge and sing our Anthem, it is definitely biased. :)

Scott Criswell said...

I applaud them for their courage in the faith, and I pray for God to be with them. I also pray that the Hindu man will find Jesus and that he will lay aside his false gods for the one true and everlasting God.

I also pray that we the followers of our Lord Jesus Christ will speak openly of our faith and stand firm in that faith. Let the Spirit guide us every day and let us follow the will of the Father.

I will profess God's Truth, the world may not like it because it is not a relative truth, but the world needs to here it. Not for my sake, for it is not by our works that we are judged. I share for the love of others, knowing that Christ will judge all of His creation for our transgressions against the Father, and that only through Christ and His atonement for those sins will they be washed away.

L. Curtis said...

What a privelege to experience true persecution for Jesus Christ.

Praise God for these faithful witnesses!

Jason Epps said...


Do you have any information about the people heard praying in that video? Who they were? What group they were with? If they released a statement after the incident?


P.S. I wonder what the reaction would have been if a Muslim would have done the same thing (interrupt the prayer by praying loudly and publically to Allah) while a Christian was praying.

Andy said...

Jason- No information about the people who prayed to Jesus Christ during this.

Well I think if a Muslim would have done this, they would not have called the Sargent in Arms. Interesting thought.