Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Debate with Atheist on ABC

Today during my lunch break I watched the debate between Comfort, Cameron and two Atheists. The Atheist still cannot come up with a new philosophy and they are still trying to make Adolf Hitler a Catholic when he was in fact an Atheist. They use the same argument that many do, in that if God created everything then who created God? Ray did a fantastic job explaining that God exists outside of time and therefore does not need then to be created because he is outside of creation. However as usual the Atheist want to deny any concept of a God who would require anything of them. They deny a moral lawgiver and essentially that they even have a conscience. How can you be alone with someone who denies their conscience, that is a scary thought. These are the people who are killing one another in the name of Evolution which is yet another belief system.

There is a part 2 that will air tomorrow online, I do wonder if Ray and Kirk got the opportunity to shoot down the very thing that made these guys popular. They run the Blasphemy Challenge on Youtube and their website. This is where they deny the Holy Spirt and in some instances Jesus and God the Father. However, they have a poor hermeneutic in their interpretation of the passage Mark 3:28-29. This does not mean that if you video tape yourself saying you do not believe in the Holy Spirit that you are now unforgivable. It is saying that those that die without being filled with the Holy Spirit or being Born Again will go to Hell forever. So you can say what you want today on Youtube. You may be repenting for it later. It is only a one way ticket to Hell if you continue that way until you die. God wants all those who are perishing even the blasphemers, Liars, thieves, etc. to REPENT and put their trust in Jesus Christ alone who will make them new creatures in Christ.

Well like usual these Atheist will likely continue to Spit at the Sun in an attempt to raise their own status.


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