Friday, April 6, 2007

A thought

Because as Christians we use the Old Testament and believe in the same prophets as the Jewish people are we then Jews? So even though a Mormon uses a Bible and ascribes to morality issues that are similar to Christians. They would even agree on historical aspects of Jesus, just not His person, nature, intention, etc. Are they then Christian? I think this is a good parallel to draw and am interested on your comments on it.

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Lyricsdad said...


I think you have it right on the mark. Satan is a crafty one. If he can get people to swallow a little lie mixed with some truth, he still has them in his grasp happily being religious.

If I ask what 2+2 is, you would reply 4. That is the only answer that is correct. Three would be close and maybe three and threes quarters even closer, but four is the only answer that is completely right, all of the time. While the others get you almost there, they don't take you all the way and are therefore wrong.

The same is to be seen in faith. While the mormons and many other groups claim some very true things, if they are off the mark even a little on Who Jesus is and what His mission is, and what the method He uses to bring about the salvation of man, they will miss the goal.

Again, satan is crafty. He wants people to go to church and sing and pray. As long as they don't actually surrender to Jesus Christ and trust in Him ALONE for salvation.