Monday, April 30, 2007

How do we deal with suffering

My wife and I have been challenged with persecution and suffering. I intend to post more on the details of that here in the next few weeks. In the meantime for those of you who are experiencing true persecution (and I don't mean you got glared at because of your "fish" that you have on your car). I mean real persecution because of your faith or real suffering then I wanted to offer you some encouraging thoughts.

1. God's Grace is sufficient for everyone
2. Pray more, be in the word more
3. Rejoice (easier said than done)
4. Accept the discipline, trial, suffering as a blessing again easier said than done
5. Praise the Lord regardless of the outcome
6. Use it as an opportunity to spread the Gospel
7. Pray that God will get the Glory for all of it

Verses that have been Paramount during this extremely difficult time,
All the Psalms, particularly Psalm 34
Romans 8:28
Romans 5:1-5
1 Corinthians 11:32
1 Thessalonians 5:9-14
Ronmans 12:12

These are just a few of the many verses that God has used to continually remind me that my focus needs to always be on Him.


Jason Epps said...


We're all definitley praying for and standing with you. I know what you've been dealing with has been difficult to say the least.


P.S. I'd be careful about making too many of the details public (at least on the blog?). Some people might go psycho if you know what I mean.

Andy said...

Thanks brother, The Lord is good and you are right we will not be posting details. Be encouraged!

Lyricsdad said...


Your post is encouraging. My prayers are with you as you know. It seems the entire team has been hit one way or another. What I can say though, is that the trials have a way of putting you away from God or closer to Him. I am so grateful that in this hour of trial, I have felt an urgency to press further into God and His Word. I used to have drugs and alcohol and all the other things of the world to fall back on during trials. Today I have God. What a difference it is knowing that what I fall back on wants me there and loves me.