Friday, March 16, 2007

Theology and Relationships Part 2

Context context context, I need to make sure that my communication is within the context of what I am trying to communicate? Make sense? Our discussion on Theology was in the context of getting the Gospel out or making a friend with an unsaved person. The priority should be a strategic emphasis on how one makes sure that individual hears the whole Gospel. This is even if it is painful. Dr. Epps makes a great point on the Part 1 of this post, making sure that as Evangelists we are focused on our Theology but that we are in relationships, or more importantly fellowship with other believers. We need accountability and we need to walk along other believers. Unfortunately there are many Evangelists out there without those things. I believe that part of that is many times we as Evangelists are so critical that we often tend to categorize those things that are minor with those that are major. I believe the discussion and my post (apologetically) should have focused more on the emphasis of Sola Scriptura or Scripture Alone and why the discussion was so concerning over those who rub past scripture in favor of Utilitarian or Pragmatic Christianity. (Meaning their application is more important that what Scripture says to do.) Wow am I grateful to have a friend (relationship) in Dr. Epps that will sharpen me and my communication.