Monday, March 19, 2007

Abortion Clinic on Saturday Life is saved

Saturday morning at the abortion mill we were blessed to have a great turnout of faithful believers who came to pray, sidewalk counsel, and courageously stand and be a voice for the unborn. It is a powerful experience to show up at the devil's doorstep and in gentleness and respect offer these women information they won't get inside. They are told that they have a blob of tissue inside of them instead of a precious child - a gift from God. They are told abortion is an easy solution to their "problem", that it is "safer" than childbirth. We go to offer truth, compassion, love and concern for these women and their babies. We have gone out for the last few weeks not expecting to see "results", however the Lord in His mercy, gave us a glimpse of what our obedience brings forth. A young woman and her boyfriend pulled up to the abortion mill, walked over to us and accepted the literature we offered. When asked what brought them to the clinic, the woman responded that she was there for an abortion. It was apparent that she was probably starting the second trimester (already showing a belly). We were able to talk to them about why they thought abortion was their only option and offer them resources that they were unaware of, such as the Pregnancy Resource Center. After a Spirit-led conversation, they changed their mind and we watched as they got back in their car and drove away. Please pray for Vanessa, her unborn baby, her other two children, her boyfriend, and other people who will influence her life and decisions- that she would cherish the blessing of her baby, be encouraged and excited about the life growing in her, and most importantly, that she would put her trust in Christ. While this was an amazing experience for those of us there, we go out with the knowledge that God is Sovereign and will use us as He sees fit.

Update as of 5:30 pm
Julie just received a call from the PRC they told her that Vanessa called today and is coming in for an Ultrasound, and Free Maternity Clothes. Vanessa expressed excitement to have this baby!!!!!!!!! Wow praise our Holy wonderful Lord!